Cedric “TEF XL” Terrell is an artist who has interwoven hip hop into every aspect of his life and wears it like the fabric of his soul. Native of Jacksonville, FL, TEF’s lyrical journey started at the age of 12 from the streets. His life took many twists and turns only to bring him right back to music.

TEF released his first album, Minority Report, in 2007 with high praise from the local hip hop scene followed by a critically acclaimed WRNR mixtape titled Bulletproof with the notorious hitman DJ Bigga Rankin. Despite his success, he left music to pursue higher education. He spent years as a thought leading executive influencing healthcare access for racial minorities and the underserved. Through it all, however TEF described his unwavering desire to create music as “relentless.” He played executive by day, lyricist by night. Accepting his destiny, TEF has now re-emerged with a profound, unconventional, and inspiring story to tell. 

Through his own label, Epic & Extraordinary Music Group (EMG), TEF is set to release the album Project Code Switch. Project Code Switch symbolizes his journey to living with purpose. Committed to living life on his terms, TEF delivers bold and unapologetic messages filled with emotion and intellectual insight into domestic, political, and urban affairs.



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